anime dating sims for girls

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any games that are like those dating sims but for girls? preferably really good anime style?

Frenzoo is an online avatar community involved in 3D chat and 3D items design for people above the age of 13. You can make you own avatar, create your own designs and items, own a shop and sell your creations, post on the forum, chat with other people and other features. It is free by default and doesn’t have to be downloaded.

– Customize your avatar
– Dress it up with bought clothes
– Create your own customized designs
– A shop with items for your avatar
– Join themed contests
– Join clubs
– Participate in forum threads
– A 3D chat environment
– 3D scenes
– Other offers coming with these features

Record of Agarest War: Really Naughty Limited Edition unboxing

video dating

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video dating
Any ideas for video about Interracial Dating?

I’m creating a video for my Video Art class that is about Interracial Dating, could you please include some ideas? The more the better! Thanks.

Ask them the reaction their parents/people gave them.
It could be very interesting
goodluck man.

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dating simulation games online for girls

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Games for gilrs!?

yeah i wanna have good links for games for girls that i can post on my web page that way al girl (and womans) can have all the links just for them… post all the online games that you know that girls might like! all kind from video chats to dress a doll love and simulation dating… what ever a girl likes!

Interesting idea.

You can find lots of links to games at Another popular site is

Whenever I think of girl games I think of Candy Can. It’s almost too girly, but fun. Here’s a review:

Anyway, I would just check Boo A Ghost for links you like. Good luck!

Sentimental Graffiti 2 Opening Movie – Dreamcast (Japanese)

uk dating chat rooms

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uk dating chat rooms
Is there a free dating chat room where u can see their pictures?

I live in UK and want to go a chat room for free and click on profiles and see what the women look like and then talk to them either in the chat room or IM them. I have tried some of the so called “free sites” and they want you to pay before you can join in the conversation in a chat room and they wont let you IM people.


What if chat rooms were real?

online dating rooms

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online dating rooms
Do you think internet chat rooms are good for online dating?

As you all know me (brunett sailor moon) I am only 11 but concentrat on the issues as well and I am not the best speller. anyways as you know we have heard on the news of many people getting killed from meeting people they’ve met on the internet in person. Do you think it’s still a good idea to go in online chatrooms for dating
I never go in chat rooms

No, it is not a good idea. People can very easily lie about everything from their age to their gender. 11 is really too young to be chatting online also. There are plenty of websites to have fun on such as Neopets. I used to be obsessed with that. My 5th grade teacher’s son was murdered when he went to go meet what he thought was a young girl but was a man that killed him. Internet safety really does need to be taught more. Never give out personal information such as your real name or location.

Why Thousands of People Join Online Dating Services Everyday

movies dating

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movies dating
what are some movies about interracial dating?

Im writing a paper on interracial dating and I want to use some movies as references….

lakeview terrace
its a really good movie too(:

TOY STORY 3 Ken’s dating tips #1 – Only at the movies June 24

tv dating shows

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tv dating shows
What are some TV shows that portray poor dating habits?

List any that you can think of and if you can, a video link that supports your answer.

None come to mind, sorry.

But, can any1 help me out wit my problem below.;_ylt=AsQPjESyKgzyhJlTfWl.4sjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091102101149AAy6Tzf

Kate Gosselin Dating Reality TV Show

dating watch

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dating watch

I’m Dating Kristen Wiig?! (6.16.09 – Day 47)

french men dating american women

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french men dating american women
What is this movie about a French woman dating an American man called?

The movie has a blond French woman with eye sight problems who is a photographer. She is dating a Jewish American man, with brown hair who is rather hairy and has a poor immune system. They go on vacation together in France and he finds out about all her exes. The movie involves situations such as the family eating “lapin” together and the American can’t understand the conversation, and the girl made the guy take a picture naked with balloons but then she also had the same pic with an ex. Anyone know this movie?

2 Days in Paris

Sexy French People

girl dating simulation games

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Need suggestions on dating/ love simulation games?

English games for the Nintendo DS preferably. Also the protagonist must be a girl!
It would be nice if I were able to customize the way the player looks also.
Please can they be games aimed at adults or younger adults.
I’m sorry if I’m being too picky >. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Way too picky. There are very few dating sim games that make it to the west, even fewer of which are on the DS, and even fewer of which have female protagonists.

I’m assuming you already checked out Harvest Moon, which isn’t quite the same thing.

Anyway, there are a few games that you’re looking for that are on DS, but they’re Japan-only. Those would be the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side games.

But as for English games? Very few. The only ones I can think of are Imagine: Figure Skater/Ice Champions, and Princess Debut. They’re both different kinds of games (I:FS/IC is a figure skating game, kinda, and Princess Debut is a ballroom dancer), but they both have very cute anime graphics, and you’re able to choose your “partner” (whom your character obviously falls in love with). Not sure about Princess Debut, since I only played a bit of it, but for the two Imagine games, you can dress up your character, but your chosen clothes only appear during the skating segment, or while in your room…in conversations and stuff, you’re represented by an anime portrait.

They’re more geared towards younger girls than adults, though.

Anywho, hoped that helped.

NOTE: Avoid ALL other Imagine games. They’re horrible. These two are actually Japanese games that had the Imagine name slapped onto them, supposedly to sell. There are a few others that are the same case, but the majority of them are awful shovelware.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Kiss

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