dating men with young children

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dating men with young children
How many men would date a divorced woman with 4 young children?

I was married for 12 years and we had 4 children. Ages 10, 8 , 3 and 6 months…He cheated on me after beginning a job out of town and left us. Now Im wondering are their men out there that would date a woman with 4 young children?? I have mentioned this to friends and they said that I would be surprised at how many men date woman with children. Obviously I havent dated in quite a while, so Im curious and dont even know where to begin.
Even though I have 4 kids I know I would be willing to have a relationship with a guy with kids, and yes I would be extremely careful with the kids. They are the most important in my life.

Yes, you have men that wouldn’t mind that AT ALL! Especially if the women with the kids, IS A GOOD MOTHER, open-minded and also can still have a child or more children, if the guy doesn’t have any or wants more and the Mother is willing and knows that it, the realtionship will last. I am One Of Them !

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funny dating questionnaire

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Why try online dating sites?

I’ve tried every dating website I could think of. After spending a little over $1400, I’ve turned up not one date. I tried eHarmony first and it would just said there were no matches for me in my area. No matter how I answered the questionnaire. The rest of the sites are just unfair for men that sign up. Men always out number women so trying to stand out is impossible most of the time. Just being nice gets you no responses. If you also notice most of the female profiles are really old. Meaning that she’s either found someone or given up trying that method for finding someone. I don’t understand why everyone says try this. I’ve never seen it work. I’m sure if we got 1000 people that tried it 15 or 16 of them would have found true love. When you get on those sites girls act funny when you do contact them, then no one contacts you. Why try this? Even if you did find someone on one of those sites everyone would just make fun of you. There are no advantages for trying.

I have to agree that dating websites are a waste of time for men. Just an average looking woman will get LOTS of responses, but an average looking guy will get NOTHING AT ALL— not even perverted responses from old folks looking to “do” someone half their age…absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g. You are dead on about the disparity between the number of men and the number of women. When there are 5 men for every 1 women, an average looking guy simply can not compete against those odds. Here is an interesting experiment… Try replacing your pic on your profile with that of a model looking dude and change nothing else. Suddenly you will get flooded by responses from interested women in your inbox. Very, very, very telling, my friend. I did this a few years back and it shook me right down to my core, utterly destroying my faith in all the comforting myths I believed about “inner beauty” and all that sappy, PC crap they say that just gives ugly people false hope.
Online dating is a pathetic joke for average guys. My advice to you is to hit the gym and work out until you are built. This is an absolute MUST, because women are just as visual as guys are. They won’t admit it, but they ARE. I have seen so much irrefutable proof of this in so many ways that it borders on disturbing. There is NO SUCH THING as being “loved just as we are”. That is a total myth. Romantic love is ENTIRELY conditional. Therefore, my best advice for you is to 1) forget online personals and 2) don’t waste your time trying to develop a better personality– that time would better be spent in the gym. The results are far better than any other approach to improving your dating life. It is worth every drop of sweat and every stab of pain for every inch on your bicep and every inch off your waistline. Swallow your pride and lift your way to a better dating life. Then go out and meet women in the real world. You will know when your looks are improving because women will be more approachable, will smile more, will consistantly place themselves in your presence and will often even approach you. Meeting women is easy when a man looks good.


online dating coaching

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online dating coaching
who is best online dating coach?

Jenna Jamison

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz on NBC’s Today Show

abc dating in the dark episode 2

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Alphabet – A Jonas Story

funny dating game questions

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funny dating game questions
Anyone know any good Dating game questions I can ask that are funny and sexual?

I am hosting a Dating Game for my fraternity and I want it too be funny so the guys and girls can enjoy it…

for example I have three so far but I need a HUGE list of them

Ex. 1) If I was your favorite food, what would I be and how would you eat me?

Ex. 2) If I was a roller coaster, what would I be called and how would you ride me?

Ex. 3) If I was stuck in a pool of Jello, how would you get me out?

These are just some of the examples I came up with but I need a couple pages to choose from and I am blank, any help would be great……Thanks!

Keep it up, it’s nasty enough already.

The Valentine’s Dating Game with Octomom PART 1

dating quiz questions

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dating quiz questions
Twilight questions for a movie quiz?

I’m creating a quiz for the twilight saga so if you have any questions that would be good for like intermediate people that know the saga i would appreciate it. Questions can range from dates to names to covens. Thank you

okayy these are from BOOKS
1.What does Vamp Bella give her daughter for christmas?
~a golden locket~
2.Who changed Jasper?
3.Who is Jaspers’ best vamp friends out of cullens?
~Peter and Charlotte~

What Guy We’d Fall For! – Quiz

doctors dating sites

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doctors dating sites
I would like to date a nurse, any nurse dating sites on the web?

After being to some doctor appointments and having the opportunity to talk to nurses, and stuff, I realize that a nurse would make a good girlfriend!!
I notice they are nice, educated, healthy, and most have charisma, and a nice personality… I don’t know, I think they are cute!!! Aside from that, they have manners and all of that.
Are there any dating sites where the nurses have profiles or something???

Any nurses are welcome to just leave an email address here.
I look real good…..I’m into sports and working out….plus I have a real nice accent….you might want to check me out….!!

the internet isnt THAT magical hahaha

just go hang around the hospitals, or send a family to the hospital… and sit next to their bed crying, and a nurse will come and comfort you ;]

wE-harmony with Doctor Josie K

episode 1 dating in the dark

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episode 1 dating in the dark
A rare comic??

Hey guys – i have a “Classic X-Men, Episode 1″ dated Sept 1986. When i brought the comic from the dealer he had 2 issues of the same comic for sale – the 1st was a standard issue – nothing looked odd – on the 2nd (the one i brought) Cyclops was a shade of purple, as opposed to the standard Blue. And Storm’s cape is a shade of purple as well.

I have seen many images on the internet of the cover and Cyclops is the same color as Wolverine’s boots (and the same color as he is in the top left corner along with the other regulars) – where as on my copy he is this real dark purple.

The weird thing is that he is the normal color in the top left (the standard blue) but he is purple on the bottom right as is Storm’s cape in the top left – so it leads me to the conclusion that it’s not color fading or damage – And no kids has used pen on it before i get the response!!!

Do I Have A Rare Comic On My Hands???

Hate to break it to you, but you don’t have a rare comic book. I know you may think you might have a rare one, but color mishaps were rather common during the 80’s-present, so, unfortunately, it isn’t considered a rarity. If the comic you had were to have two covers instead of one, then you might have an oddity and it might be worth a little…just a little.. more than average cover price. Mistakes such as multiple covers, misprints, wrong dates, etc., are considered to be worth more than any color mishaps. The reason being is that color mishaps detract the image and make the value LESS than if it were the actual colors. Please understand I am not trying to ridicule you or make you feel bad, I have been a long-time comic book collector, and I look out for unique items. The color issue, however, is common, sadly, and I would look out for multiple covers, duplicate inside pages, mis-printed headlines, etc., instead of any color issues. Again, the color mishaps tend to make the comic look blotted or “muddy” and make the comic worth less. Any other questions, feel free to email me…

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dating black men uk

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dating black men uk

What Black Men Think Audience Reaction

watch dating in the dark episode 6

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watch dating in the dark episode 6

H20: Just Add Water Season 3 Sneak Peak (New pics, characters, & complete episode list

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